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Mark Spriggs, D.C., MChiro

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ May 19, 2019 ~ Pages 66-78



Objective: To describe the resolution of chronic migraines/headaches Chiropractic Biophysics® (CBP®) Technique.

Clinical Features: A 35-year old male with a history of repetitive sports injuries presented to a chiropractic clinic with an acute episode of neck pain and stiffness, pins and needles into his left shoulder, low back pain and difficulty sleeping. The patient had a previous history of chronic headaches and migraines.

Intervention and Outcome: The patient was managed using Diversified technique for the first phase of care over a four-week period. Then the application of CBP® protocols, including mirror-image spinal adjusting, mirror-image exercise and traction to the cervical spine for an additional four-weeks. The application of twenty-four treatment visits were applied in total during these phases of care, then the patient continued with supportive care for an additional three months when a follow-up assessment was undertaken. In addition to resolution of his pain, the patient centered outcome assessments revealed improved physical, social and psychological functioning and decreased disability. There were improved changes in cervical curve and reduction of anterior head carriage.

Conclusion: Whilst additional data and research will always be required to definitively conclude the success of any/all treatment methods for specific health conditions, this type of intervention should be considered as an appropriate method for patients with migraines and headaches by the NHS in the UK.

Key Words: Chiropractic, vertebral subluxation, adjustment, manipulation, headache, migraine, cervical spine, rehabilitation, posture, Chiropractic Biophysics

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