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COHERENCE: The quality of forming a unified whole.

Connection. Consistency. Integration. Unity.

CHIROPRACTIC: The analysis and correction of vertebral subluxation for the fullest quality and expression of life.

COHERENCE THROUGH CHIROPRACTIC is a quarterly publication highlighting chiropractic research focused on vertebral subluxation. It is devoted primarily to serving the educational needs of the general public and the chiropractic profession. COHERENCE THROUGH CHIROPRACTIC is published four times per year.


Editor: Matthew McCoy DC, MPH      

Advisory Board: Pamela Stone DC, DACCP, Christie Kwon DC, MS, MPH, Christopher Kent DC, JD, Anquonette Stiles DC, MPH



Our research articles now include Social Media and Marketing Packages that are unique to each paper published. We give you all the files you need to use them as is or to personalize them yourself to your practice and branding.

This is everything you need to promote chiropractic and your practice using the science and research supporting lifetime, family, wellness subluxation care. You or your staff would spend hours creating just one of these, never mind dozens of them and all this work is done for you. Now you can support chiropractic research and use it to market your practice and the profession and educate your community. 

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