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Chiropractic and Omega-3 Supplementation as Alternative Management for Asthma in a 6 Year Old


 Alyssa Zonarich D.C. Bio & Lisa Shirley Marie Aubin D.C. Bio  


Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic ~ Volume 2011 ~ Issue 2 ~ Pages 73-76 




Objective:  To evaluate the effect of chiropractic care on a 6 year old as an alternative treatment in controlling and preventing the progression of asthma, and to publish the findings in order to add to the minimally existing research.  


Clinical Features:  This case report is of a 6 year old male presenting with a history of asthma that was diagnosed when the patient was 4 years old.  His mother sought chiropractic care to help control and alleviate his symptoms that would worsen depending on the season.  

Intervention and Outcomes:  A total of six chiropractic adjustments using Koren Specific Technique (KST) were rendered to the boy in conjunction with recommendation of daily intake of omega 3 supplementation and probiotics.  The patient no longer needed his daily inhaler dose of Albuterol after having received his first adjustment and was able to sleep undisturbed through the night without experiencing flare-ups.  


Conclusions:  This case demonstrates a positive outcome for chiropractic when combined with omega 3 supplementation as an alternative treatment for asthma in the pediatric population, using subjective patient symptoms and improved lifestyle as outcome measures. 


Key Terms:  Chiropractic, Pediatric, Asthma, Omega 3 Supplementation, Koren Specific Technique

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