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Resolution of Psoriasis Secondary to Chiropractic Using The Toftness System Technique:  A Case Report 


Yoshitaka Tsuji DC Bio  

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ May 4, 2011 ~ Pages 15-22



Objective: Psoriasis is an immune disorder with dermatological manifestations whose cause is unknown.  For this reason, in the clinical settings of modern medicine, supportive measures such as drugs are primarily used to address the problem.  However, those symptomatic treatments have been recognized to be associated with side effects, exacerbation of the disease, or no improvement.  The aim of this study was to examine the efficacy of the Toftness System on psoriasis.


Clinical Features: An 85-year-old male with psoriasis which affected almost his entire body underwent care using the Toftness System of chiropractic.


Intervention and Outcome: Patient was seen a total of 30 times over a four month period.  Toftness System chiropractic technique was utilized while reducing vertebral subluxations.  Dramatic improvements were observed.


Conclusion: Significant improvement of patient’s skin condition was observed, which confirmed some degree of positive effect of the Toftness System in the treatment of psoriasis.


Key Words: Toftness System of Chiropractic, Psoriasis, Immune Disorder, Subluxation, Electromagnetic Energies

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