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Reduction of Cervical Kyphosis Following Subluxation Correction Utilizing the Pierce Results System of Chiropractic in 51 Patients: A Retrospective Analysis

James Galgano DC Bio, Jordan Cooper DC Bio, Carmelo Ramirez III DC Bio

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ January 19, 2012 ~ Pages 1-7




Objective: This paper aims to report on a consistent and reliable change in cervical spinal structure following protocols of the Pierce Results chiropractic technique.


Methods: Fifty-one subjects were included in this retrospective study.  Inclusion was based solely upon the patient presenting with a cervical kyphosis.  All were patients in a private clinic where only the protocol of the Pierce Results system was followed in the evaluation and analysis of each patient. Curve measurements were performed using the Acu-Arc curve ruler.  All 51 patients underwent chiropractic care in the office with follow up cervical x-rays at different intervals based upon clinical presentation.


Results: The study involved 51 cases, 30 female and 21 male with an average age of 45.  One hundred percent had some degree of positive change towards lordosis or a decrease in kyphosis.  The average change in cervical kyphosis towards an established normal lordosis was a 56% correction.  The average period of re-evaluation of lordosis was 12 weeks after onset of care consisting of 10 office visits.  Results were statistically significant.


Conclusion: This analysis revealed changes in the structure of all 51 of the presenting cases.  There are some variables in the time between the initial x-ray evaluation and the follow up x-ray where post measurements were taken.  The time span ranged from 1 day to 35 weeks.  More research in this area is needed.


Keywords: Subluxation, Pierce Results System, Kyphosis, Cervical Correction, Chiropractic

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