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Line Analysis of Radiographs Demonstrating Lumbarization or Sacralization: A Preliminary Study

Aaron Fisher,  WR Boone, DC, Ph.D. 

Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ September 17, 2007 ~ Pages 1-7



Objective: This study investigated the numeric ranges for various line measurements of lateral lumbopelvic chiropractic radiographic films exhibiting lumbarization or sacralization.


Methods: This preliminary work examined eight radiographs with lumbarization, and four with sacralization. Ferguson’s gravitational weight line, the sacral base angle, and the degrees of lumbar curve were measured for each lateral lumbopelvic radiograph. These measurements were compared to the normal ranges established for a five-segment lumbar spine.


Results: With regard to established values for the normal range of a five segment lumbar spine, Ferguson’s gravitational weight line and the sacral base angle were increased with lumbarization. Alternatively, the sacral base angle remained within normal limits. For sacralization, only the lumbar curve was decreased. The sacral base angle and Ferguson’s gravitational weight line both fell within normal limits.


Conclusion: The present study has demonstrated that with certain modifications to aspects of current methods of line analysis, and no modifications to other aspects, current line analysis can be applied to assess spines exhibiting lumbarization and sacralization.


Key Words: Lumbarization, sacralization, typical lumbar curve.

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