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Letters to the Editor – A History of Spine Traction

Steve Troyanovich DC, Paul A. Oakley, MSc, DC, Joseph W. Betz, BS, DC, Jason Haas

Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ June 6, 2007 ~ Pages 1-7



To the Editor We read with interest the review of the literature regarding spine traction that appeared in your on-line journal by Oakley et al. The authors state that Langworthy was incorrectly credited with originating extension (as in backward bending) traction of the spine in the early 1900’s in our 2004 article that appeared in the refereed journal, Chiropractic History.


In Response For several reasons, we are very eager to respond to the Letter to the JVSR Editor from Drs. Troyanovich and Coleman1 concerning our recent spine traction history article in JVSR. Since this is not the first time that they have misled readers of Chiropractic history, we find it necessary to provide a detailed response to Troyanovich and Coleman.

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