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Five-Minute Thermal Pattern Analysis and Health Perception: A Follow-up Study

John Hart, D.C.


Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ September 26, 2007 ~ Pages 1-6



Introduction: Thermal pattern analysis is a method used for assessing the neurological interference component of vertebral subluxation. The theory is based on the concept that a dynamic nervous system is a healthy nervous system. Validity of the theory can be assessed by determining if the method has a relationship with a health outcome such as health perception.


Methods: Fifty-two student participants were scanned twice each, with a 5 minute period between each scan. Each participant then completed the SF-12 health survey. Thermal pattern percentages were then correlated with corresponding SF-12 scores. The data were also assessed for differences by comparing SF-12 scores corresponding to the 26 lowest thermal pattern percents to SF-12 scores corresponding to the 26 highest thermal pattern percents. In addition, data from the previous study was combined with data from the present study for a combined analysis.


Results: There were low, significant, and inverse correlations between thermal pattern percents and health perception in the present study and combined analysis for both left and right channels. There were a total of nine significant findings, all of which support the theory of pattern analysis.


Conclusion: In the majority of the three analyses the right thermal channel showed significant findings while the left channel showed significant findings in all three analyses. Consequently, the use of left and right thermal channels, using a 5 minute interval between thermal scans, appears to be a valid method of thermal pattern analysis.


Key Words: Pattern analysis, vertebral subluxation, thermography, health perception, SF-12, chiropractic

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