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Controversy Over History of Spine Traction

Steve Troyanovich DC, Paul A. Oakley, MSc, DC, Joseph W. Betz, BS, DC, Jason Haas, Roger R. Coleman, DC, Donald W. Meyer, BS, DC, Mike Fisk, DC, Dwight DeGeorge, MA, DC, Mike Pope, DC


Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ October 5, 2007 ~ Pages 1-15



To the Editor: I thank Drs. Betz, Oakley, and Haas for providing their professional affiliations and pedigrees. I have no doubt that the readership of the JVSR are sophisticated enough to recognize that “experts” with such an extensive incestuous relationship to the Drs. Harrison would have difficulty exhibiting objectivity in their analysis of my work…


To the Editor: I would like to thank the editor for my opportunity to respond again to Betz et al. I have decided to separate my reply from that of Dr. Troyanovich so that I might address this discussion from a different point of view. I see nothing incorrect in the scholarly work, “Origins of the use of mechanical traction for reduction of the chiropractic subluxation” (1) authored by Dr. Troyanovich and myself and published…


In Response: Thank you for allowing us to respond to Dr. Troyanovich’s 2nd letter to the JVSR Editor concerning our original traction history article. Drs. Troyanovich and Coleman took exception to our extensive review article in a first Letter to the JVSR Editor. In our first response to Drs. Troyanovich and Coleman, we pointed out that they have misled readers of Chiropractic history by falsely…


In Response: We now observe that we have won this debate with Dr. Coleman. We note that he did not dispute the fact that we (JWH and JWB) witnessed Dr. Deed Harrison teach him standing lumbar traction in 1998. It is well that he did not deny this fact because there were over 125 attendees (witnesses) at that September 1998 CBP® Annual seminar in New Orleans. Dr. Coleman did not originate anything in lumbar traction…

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