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Complementing Chiropractic Philosophy with Science

Cynthia Hey DC


Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ June 11, 2007 ~ Pages 1-11




In order to optimally help patients, collaboration among healthcare providers is superior to competition. To further this end, the intent for this paper is to enhance inter-professional communications and knowledge. The basics of chiropractic philosophy and science are illuminated herein. References and discussion supporting each of following four premises is described:


(1) The body is a self-regulating organism, which possesses inherent recuperative abilities. (2) The nervous system directs all bodily functions, and therefore is requisite in the restoration and maintenance of health. (3) Improper motion or phenomenon is known as vertebral subluxation. (4) Removal/ reduction of vertebral subluxations via chiropractic adjustments relieves/minimizes nerve irritations, and thus enhances the ability of the nervous system to promote health and healing.

This paper addresses some questions and concerns regarding chiropractic research, as well.


Key Words: vertebral subluxation, somatovisceral reflex, somatosomatic reflex, kinesiopathology, autonomic nervous, system, mechanoreceptors, proprioception, nociceptors, chiropractic/spinal adjustment, spinal manipulation

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