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8th Annual International Research and Philosophy Symposium
Sherman College of Chiropractic Spartanburg, South Carolina 
October 22-23, 2011 


Various Authors

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ November 28, 2011 ~ Pages 189-238 


List of Abstracts


Forward Head Posture (FHP) in Women and its Relationship to Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD) and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
Charles L. Blum, DC (presented by Dr. Martin Rosen)


A Retrospective Health Outcomes Study of 109 Pediatric Patients Undergoing Subluxation Based Chiropractic Care
Matthew McCoy, DC, MPH, Pamela Stone, BS, DC, CACCP, Erin Rosen  (presenting) & Janice Hughes


A Proposed Modified Test of Heart Rate Variability for Analyzing the Neurological Interference Component of the Vertebral Subluxation
John Hart, DC, MHSc


Subluxation: A Reformative Approach
Rob Scott, D.C., Ph.D.


The Prevalence of Vertebral Subluxation in Children Ten Years of Age and Younger
Bill Decken, DC (presenting), LCP, Matt Santos, Jennifer Santos, Students Sherman College of Chiropractic


Cervicocranial and craniocervical syndromes: A case report.
Harvey Getzoff, DC (presenting), Charles L. Blum, DC


The Use of the P-300 Wave as an Outcome Assessment Related to Vertebral Subluxation  
Matthew McCoy, DC, MPH, Charles Vaden (presenting), 
Jay Holder, DC


SOT Chiropractic Care of a Six-Year Old Boy Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and Related Conditions.
Martin G. Rosen, DC (presenting), Charles L. Blum, DC


Cervical Specific Protocol and Results for 300 Meniere’s Patients Over Three Years
Michael T. Burcon, B.Ph., D.C.


Retracing:  A case study of how early life dis-ease becomes complex adult health issues
Brigette Bowler, DC and Kathryn Conlen, BA, MT, CST 


Resolution of Trigeminal Neuralgia Following Subluxation Based Chiropractic Care: A Case Study & Review of the Literature  
Michael Acanfora, DC,  Eric L. Zielinski, BA (presenting)


Winning the Debate on Vertebral Subluxation
Christopher Kent, DC


How to Re-Ground Chirorpactic in its Principles
Michael B. Schmidt, Student, Life University


2 1/2 Year Old Female with a Thirty-five Degree Scoliosis and Two Hemivertebra: A case report
Martin G. Rosen, DC, CSP, CSCP, CSPP


Detecting Outliers in Mastoid Fossa Readings: A Case Report
John Hart, DC, MHSc


Abstract – Congruence of Wellness in Chiropractic Philosophy
Christopher Passalacqua, DC


A Prospective, Longitudinal Health Outcomes Study of Pregnant Women and Children Undergoing Subluxation Based Chiropractic Care
Matthew McCoy, DC, MPH,Pamela Stone, DC, CACCP,Christie Kwon MS, DC (presenting) Maggie Ashworth BS, DC, Brandi Ancrum, MPH


Political Action and the Subluxation Centered Chiropractor – Steps to Engagement
Veronica Gutierrez, DC

Chiropractic Care of a Two Year-old Diagnosed with Reflux and a Hiatal Hernia: A case report
Martin G. Rosen, DC (presenting), Charles L. Blum, DC


Resolution of Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia with Spastic Dysphonia Following Chiropractic Care to Reduce Cervical Spine Vertebral Subluxations:  A Case Study
Michael T. Burcon, B.Ph., D.C.


Language & Communication  The  “BIG IDEA” of Chiropractic
Jack Vandervort, D.C., D.Ph.C.


Sacroiliac Joint Hypermobility Syndrome: A Chiropractic Perspective Survey
Charles L. Blum, DC (presented by Dr. Martin Rosen)


The Economic, Academic and Political State of the Chiropractic Profession and its Implications for the Subluxation Centered Community
Matthew McCoy DC, MPH


Subjective Measurement of Vertebral Subluxation?
J. Richard Burns D.C., D.Ph.C.S.


Putting Collaborative Design Theory to Practice – An Attempt to Bride the Gap Between Philosophy & Science
Rob Sinnott, DC, FPhC


Abridgement and Reorganization of the Chiropractic Textbook by Ralph W. Stephenson, D.C., Ph. C., Centered on Chiropractic’s Philosophical Foundations
Shaun M. Gallagher, B.S., Shawn Hoga, D.C., David Koch, D.C., L.C.P., D.Ph.C.S., Demetrios Peroulas, B.S., Will Soriano, B.S., D.C.,  Jonathan Via, B.S., D.C., Will Vodgs, D.C., J. Kate Wetterlin, B.S, D.C. (presenting)


An Analysis of Chiropractic Philosophy Courses in United States Chiropractic College Curriculums
Bill Decken, DC, LCP(presenting), Beth Risser, DC, DPhCS, Guthrie Schroeder, Student, Sherman College


The purpose of this study is to compile the current literature search regarding chiropractic care and reaction time 
Alexandria Jenkins, Student, Life University


The Stance of the Chiropractic Profession on Current Events
Alexandra Gerdel, Student, Life University


Chiropractic Care and Athletic Performance in High School Swimmers
Gregory A. Stetzel, DC ,John Hart, DC


The Safety of Subluxation-based Pediatric Chiropractic: Results from a Practice-based Research Network
Joel Alcantara, DC (presenting), Jeanne Ohm, DC and Derek Kunz, BS

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