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4th Annual Sacro Occipital Technique Research Conference
Atlanta, GA May 3, 2012 


Various Authors

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ May 24, 2012 ~ Pages 41-59 


List of Abstracts


SOT chiropractic and acupuncture for SLAP tear: A case report

Benner CD, Gardner D, Blum, CL 

Chiropractic and Dentistry– The Need for Mutual Understanding of TMD Co-treatment: A Case Report 

Blum, CL 

Treatment of Low Back Pain by Cranial Adjustment: A Case Report 

Boro WJ

Integrating temporal-sphenoid reflexes, sacro-occipital technique procedures, and reflexology for treatment of chronic cervical cervical pain and reduced range of motion: A report of two cases 

Feenstra H, Blum CL 

Chiropractic and dental care of a patient with temporomandibular and sacroiliac joint hypermobility: A case report

Gerardo RC, Shirazi D, DDS, Blum CL 

A study of the nature of SOT occipital line fibers: A retrospective case series of 65 patients 

Getzoff H 

Sitting disc technique and the relationship to the straight leg raise: A retrospective case series of thirty patients 

Getzoff H

SOT Chiropractic in Luxembourg 

Herbert V

Secrets of Back Pain,..Including Fibromyalgia 

Kierstyn S 

Research, Scholarship, and the Future of the Chiropractic Profession 

McCoy M 

Is Sacroiliac Joint Hypermobility an Overlooked Syndrome in Chiropractic?: Designing a Survey Based Research Investigation

Pine D 

Rotator cuff conservative care utilizing sacro occipital technique (SOT) and supportive taping: Two case reports 

Powers L 

SOT chiropractic care of a 47 year-old female with left-sided sciatica caused by a 16mm left paracentral disc extrusion: A case report 

Rosen MG 

Pregnancy, sacroiliac support belts, and active straight leg raise (ASLR): Incorporating new diagnostics into sacro occipital technique 

Serola R, Blum CL 

Styloid process sensitivity in a patient with low back pain and radicular syndrome: A case report 

Shaneyfelt D

Latent sciatic technique and cervical traction test: A DeJarnette discovery and case report 

Shelley JR 

Sacro Occipital Technique: Occipital Fiber Technique and CMRT for Treatment of Canine Fecal Incontinence 

Thompson JE, Bockhold H, Blum CL 

Sacro Occipital Technique: Occipital Fiber Technique (OFT) on Equine with Shortness of Breath and Chronic Sinusitis

Thompson JE, Bockhold H, Blum CL 

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