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3rd Annual Sacro Occipital Technique Research Conference
Nashville, Tennessee May 19, 2011 


Various Authors

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ November 10, 2011 ~ Pages 165-182 


List of Abstracts


Vision induced migraine headaches: A case report

Beck C, Blum, CL


Vision induced chronic low back pain: A case report

Beck C, Blum, CL


Dentofacial orthopedics and maxillary morphogenesis: A case series

Belfor T


CMRT and acupuncture in the treatment of dysmenorrhea (oligomenorhea): A case report

Benner CD, Blum CL


Chiropractic, sacro occipital technique, and treatment of patients with nonmusculoskeletal conditions such as asthma or allergies

Blum CL


Hyperhidrosis: Is there a chiropractic solution?

Blum CL


Cervical traction, TMJ disorders, chiropractic and dental co-treatment: A case report

Blum CL, Gerardo RC


The alterations of the dyspeptic signs and symptoms of patients with gastritis following chiropractic treatment: A small randomized controlled study

Butafava J, Dal Bello F, Blum CL


SOT: Category Three: Predictability of outcomes: A case series

Getzoff H


SOT procedures, case studies, and standard orthopedic testing: A case series

Getzoff H


One cause, one cure, one equation: Enteric structural mechanics and enteric axial harmonics: A case report

Hopkins L, Countryman J


Adjusting a tooth? A case series

Power L, Blum CL


Introduction of Ayurveda to Chiropractic, Building a Functional Bridge

Pine D


Chiropractic care of a two year-old diagnosed with reflux and a hiatal hernia: A case report

Rosen MG, Blum CL


Triple occiput, sacro occipital technique, and chronic fatigue syndrome

Tupper S, Blum CL


Testing an amputee for physiological short leg

Vaughan BS, Blum CL


Nighttime Biofeedback as a Tool for the Reduction of Habitual Bruxism Activity and Related TMD Symptoms

Weinstein L 

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