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1st Annual Sacro Occipital Technique Research Conference
Las Vegas, Nevada October 22, 2009


Various Authors

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ September 29, 2011 ~ Pages 104-132


List of Abstracts


Sacro occipital technique, stability testing, and Tai Chi or yoga: A case report.  
Timothy M. Barr, DC


SOT Cranial and TMJ therapy for unresolved BPPV: A case report.
Thomas Bloink, DC


TMD – chiropractic and dentistry: Two case reports. 
Charles L. Blum, DC, Alireza Panahpour DDS


The relationship between the trapezius muscle and spinal segments T1 to L5.
Shaun Cashman DC, MSc, Sharyn Eaton DC, PhD, Rodney Bonello DC, MHA, and Julian Leslie PhD


Unity of form and function – a new dental paradigm: A case series.
Albert S. Chinappi, Jr., DDS


Alterations on dyspeptic signs and symptoms on patients presenting with gastroesophageal reflux disease receiving chiropractic treatment. 
Fabio Dal Bello, DC, Veronica Dal Bello, DC,  Luciano Neto Santos, MD, Joana Margarete Raupp, DC


A research on the effects of the chiropractic treatment on individuals with malocclusion as an aid to the orthodontic treatment.
Fabio Dal Bello, DC,  Franciele.Borilli, DC 


Pain alterations on the temporo mandibular joint in individuals with malocclusion after chiropractic treatment. 
Fabio Dal Bello DC, Franciele Borilli, DC 


Attention deficit hyperactive disorder of a 7 year old child utilizing chiropractic and sacro occipital technique procedures.
Scott Darragh, DC


The development of SOT occipital fiber technique: A case report
Charles L. Blum, DC, Major Bertrand DeJarnette, DO, DC (Deceased)


Patient with severe tremors, complex pain syndrome, and migraines co-treated with dental and SOT chiropractic care: A case report.
Richard C. Gerardo, DC


Disc technique, differential diagnosis and treatment methodology: Two case reports.
I. Harvey Getzoff, DC


Cervicocranial and craniocervical syndromes: A case report.
I. Harvey Getzoff, DC


Fibromyalgia syndrome, trauma induced, and sacro occipital technique: A case report.
Gilbert S. Jaudy, DC, Charles L. Blum, DC


Sacro occipital technique, cranial technique, “faux” fibromyalgia syndrome and self-reported improvement in vision: A report of four patients.
Sunny Kierstyn, RN, DC,  Charles Blum, DC


Chiropractic manipulative reflex technique (CMRT) treatment for GERD of a 3 year old male child: A case report.
Robert D. Klingensmith, DC


The effects of SOT category blocking procedures on lower extremity function in high performance athletes: A case series.
Curtis Langer, DC


Dental chiropractic co-treatment of patient presenting with chronic severe fibromyalgia, head, neck, and jaw pain with depression.
Jeffrey A. Mersky, DC, William Halligan, DDS


Sacro occipital technique treatment of hiatal (hiatus) hernia presentation: A case report.
Gary A. Mitchell, DC


Effects of pregnancy on pranial Structures. 
Frank O. Pederick, DC


Chiropractic cranial treatment protocol increases successful outcome of the multidisciplinary care model for traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients: A case series.
Esther M. Remeta, DC, Charles L. Blum, DC


SOT chiropractic care of a six-year old boy diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and related conditions.
Martin G. Rosen, DC


Sacro occipital technique treatment of patient with pervasive craniofacial and body pains secondary to chronic TMD: A Case Report.
Albert R. Salem, DC


Pregnancy, sacroiliac joint laxity, and the SOT category two pelvic distortion: A case series. 
J. Rodney Shelley, DC


The relationship between a C2 subluxation and vital signs in a Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy patient: A case report.
Noel A. Taylor, MM, DC


Sacro Occipital Technique: Occipital fiber technique on canine.
Jean E. Thompson, DC, Heidi Bockhold DC,  Charles L. Blum DC


Sacro Occipital Technique: Occipital fiber technique on equine.
Jean E. Thompson, DC, Heidi Bockhold DC, Charles L. Blum DC


Exercises and stretches to facilitate SOT blocking treatments category one and category two: A case series.
William P. Williamson, DC

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