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Wellness & the Chiropractic Lifestyle



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The concept of wellness is sometimes difficult to fully appreciate in today’s health care environment. Although the idea of achieving wellness is many people’s goal, the perception of what wellness actually is may differ from one person to the next. We will attempt to explain health and wellness from the perspective of the science and philosophy of chiropractic and how chiropractic attempts to engage people in a proactive health care process. The ultimate goal is to rely on one’s self to foster health over a lifetime there by achieving what most would appreciate as a state of wellness.

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Wellness & the Chiropractic Lifestyle

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CHAPTER 1: Introduction

CHAPTER 2: The Shift from Infectious to Chronic Disease

CHAPTER 3: What is Health?

CHAPTER 4: Determinants of Health

CHAPTER 5: Social Networks & Health

CHAPTER 6: Brief History of Wellness

CHAPTER 7: Wellness Concepts & Definitions

CHAPTER 8: Wellness Constructs

CHAPTER 9: Wellness Biomarkers

PART II: The Health Triad

CHAPTER 10: Chemical Stress

CHAPTER 11: Physical Stress

CHAPTER 12: Emotional Stress

CHAPTER 13: Wellness in Practice

CHAPTER 14: Best Practices

CHAPTER 15: Conclusion


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