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Joseph J Ierano BSc, DC, BCAO & Phillip S Ebrall BAppSc(Chiropr), GCert(TertLearnTeach), MPhotog, DC(Hon), PhD, FICCS, FACC

Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research ~ Volume 2023 ~ November 28, 2023  ~ Pages 32-53



Objective: To report thematic extractions from a data set of 393 patient questionnaires submitted by 60 Atlas Orthogonal chiropractors world-wide, in the patient’s voice expressing their presenting complaint and post care experience. We note trends in spinal care and patient access to the conservative care of globally significant morbidities.

Design: Thematic Analysis.

Methods: A purposive cohort was generated as third party returned questionnaires with patient reported comments. These were described in demographic terms and then structured thematic analysis returned extractions formulating themes in patient experience, satisfaction, and values-expression.

Clinical Intervention: Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical chiropractic care from a Chiropractor certified in the technique through the Sweat Institute. Patients were selected purposively from private practice clinics to complete a pre and post assessment form documenting presenting complaints and their experience.

Results: Data were analyzed for themes and aspects pertaining to gender, age, and duration of care. The average patient seeking acute care reported about a 90% resolution in their pain and discomfort within a 3½ week window of care. Patients fell into either acute care of up to 6w, or ongoing maintenance care. Presenting complaints were retrospectively categorized as either primarily Neuro-somatic in nature, or Neuro-functional and all patients reported Neuro-functional improvements as outcomes of care.

Conclusion: Extracted themes showed consistent expression of patient satisfaction, verbalization of successful pain reduction and functional restoration as foremost in most patients. The Patient Voice was expressive and reflected the patient’s perception of their transition from illness to health. The uniqueness of AO care and its effect on the patient experience is worthy of wider investigation driven by listening to the Patient Voice. These results are not inferential to Chiropractic care in general, nor to any other Chiropractic technique.

Key Words: chiropractic, outcome assessment, health care, chronic disease, acute pain, ambulatory care, upper cervical, vertebral subluxation, adjustment

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