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Peter Amlinger, DC & Constance Colcombet, DC

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, Chiropractic ~ July 13, 2022 ~ Pages 57-65



Objective: The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of subluxation-based chiropractic care on an infant presenting with Down Syndrome.

Clinical Features: A seven-week-old female infant with Down Syndrome presented to the clinic with lactation and sleeping issues. Chiropractic examination revealed upper cervical, thoracic and sacrum subluxations. The treatment plan consisted of Toggle-Recoil adjustments of C1, diversified adjustments of occiput and thoracic vertebrae, and Logan Basic procedure on the sacrum.

Intervention and Outcomes: Subluxation-based chiropractic care was performed utilizing postural analysis, leg length analysis, challenge test on C1, Thompson analysis of the occiput, motion palpation examination of the thoracic spine, and Logan analysis of the sacrum. After 3 visits the patient’s feeding and sleeping issues were resolved. After 2 years and 7 months of care, the infant’s muscle tone, breathing her immune function were enhanced. The patient’s mother reported that the care helped to increase the infant’s daily functionality and overall health.

Conclusions: This case demonstrates a situation in which subluxation-based chiropractic care has successfully helped a patient with Down Syndrome to stimulate normal developmental activities (such as latching and regular sleep patterns) and increased her overall health (by resolving acute symptoms including constipation and respiratory issues). Further research is required to determine the effectiveness of chiropractic care in the health care of an infant diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Key words: Down Syndrome, Trisomy 21, chiropractic, subluxation, adjustment, Toggle, Logan Basic, Diversified, infant

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