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Joel Alcantara, DC, Joey D. Alcantara, DC, Junjoe Alcantara, DC, Christopher Kent DC, JD, Matthew McCoy DC, MPH, Christie Kwon DC, MS, MPH, Anquonette Stiles DC, MPH, Jeanne Ohm DC, Veronica Gutierrez DC, Andrew Rupp DC, Shannon O’Brien DC, Anne Bishop DC, Stacey Rainey DC, Bethany Carilli DC, Hui Zhen Lim DC, Gabriel Hrebien BA, Justin Bedrosian DC, Suzzanne M. Candelaria-Perez BSc, DC, Christopher Long DC

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume 2022 ~ January 27, 2022 ~ Pages 1-59




Rating: Established
Evidence: E, L

Since vertebral subluxation may affect individuals at any age, chiropractic care may be indicated at any time after birth. As with any age group, however, care must be taken to select adjustment methods most appropriate to the patient’s stage of development and overall spinal integrity. Parental education by the chiropractor concerning the importance of evaluating children for the presence of vertebral subluxation is encouraged as are public health initiatives geared toward screening of children for vertebral subluxation beginning at birth.

Key Words: Chiropractic, pediatrics, best practices, practice guidelines, vertebral subluxation, adjustment, spinal manipulation, children, infants

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