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Sarah Hock, DC, CACCP & Calle Miller, DC

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, Chiropractic ~ March 25, 2022 ~ Pages 17-21



Objective: To report on the positive health outcomes following chiropractic care of a 3-year-old who presented with behavioral and learning issues.

Clinical Features: A 3-year-old female who experienced vertebral subluxations, communication issues (non-verbal) and defiance-like behavioral issues saw improvement with chiropractic care. Medical interventions, such as speech therapy failed to make significant improvements.

Interventions and Outcomes: Sustained contact adjustments were applied to various spinal segments where vertebral subluxations were present. The patient’s parent reported improvement in behavior and communication skills.

Conclusions: The chiropractic care of a patient with behavioral and learning issues is presented. Significant improvements of the patient’s multiple conditions and symptoms were seen following chiropractic care. The results of this case study attest to the usefulness and benefits of chiropractic care. Further research is warranted.

Keywords: Behavioral, learning disability, pediatric, chiropractic, vertebral subluxation, adjustment, spinal manipulation

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