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Kayla Feltz, DC & Delta Stark, DC 

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, Chiropractic ~ March 8, 2021 ~ Pages 11-18



Objective: To review the outcomes of chiropractic care of an infant with disturbed sleeping patterns and excessive, inconsolable crying.

Clinical Feature: A 6-week-old female was presented for chiropractic evaluation by her mother with complaints of frequent crying and screaming, disturbed sleeping patterns, favoring her right shoulder, and feeding difficulties. Autonomic system dysfunction was noted using thermography scans.

Intervention and Outcomes: Diversified technique was used to evaluate and adjust the patient via a sustained contact adjustment at atlas; as well as Logan Basic technique adjustment at sacrum. The patient immediately relaxed following her first adjustment. The mother reported the infant slept for six hours the night after her first adjustment and she was able to feed equally on the left and right sides. It was also reported that she no longer cried inconsolably and was able to lie on her back without extreme discomfort.

Conclusion: This paper reviews the results of a patient undergoing chiropractic care with symptoms of disturbed sleeping patterns and excessive, inconsolable crying that showed significant improvement following three adjustments. There is more research needed to show the connection between vertebral subluxation, infant crying, irritability, sleep disturbances, and feeding difficulties and the effects of chiropractic care on these symptoms.

Key Words: chiropractic, adjustment, vertebral subluxation, sleep disturbances, crying, feeding difficulties, thermography, Diversified, Logan Basic

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