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Jen Santos, DC, CACCP & Joel Alcantara, DC, PhDc 

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, Chiropractic ~ January 6, 2021 ~ Pages 1-4



Objective: To describe the positive health outcomes following chiropractic care in an infant diagnosed with failure to thrive.

Clinical Features: A-13-day-old male infant was presented by his parents for chiropractic consultation and possible care due to failure to thrive. According to the parents, he had lost a total of 27 ounces since birth. The parents were very distressed and tired due to having to provide around the clock care for their newborn to keep him alive.  He was inconsolable most of the time.  Breastfeeding was difficult.  His mother described him as lethargic with a very weak cry. Medical intervention did not help.

Intervention and Outcome: The infant was cared for with a sustained contact “touch and hold” spinal adjustment to sites of subluxations at the cervico-cranio-mandibular complex. After eight visits within two weeks, the breastfeeding difficulty had resolved as his weight increased from 5 lbs. 1oz. to 6 lbs. 12oz.

Conclusion: This case report highlights the benefits of chiropractic in infants suffering from failure to thrive.

Keywords: Pediatrics, failure to thrive, vertebral subluxation, adjustment, chiropractic, cervico-cranio-mandibular complex

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