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Alejandro Osuna, MNeuroSci, MSN, MS, DC, PhD(s)  & Adriana Perez, BS, DC

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, Chiropractic ~ October 15, 2020 ~ Pages 41-45



Objective: The objective of this article is to report positive changes in oxygen saturation (SpO2) as measured by pulse oximetry in a neonate with vertebral subluxation.

Clinical Features: A certified midwife placed a pulse oximeter on a neonate’s foot immediately after birth where she noticed the SpO2 level was low. Per state protocol, she informed the parents of the probability of having to transport the newborn to the emergency room due to possible Congenital Heart Disease. A pediatric chiropractor assessed the neonate for the presence of vertebral subluxation and found a left atlas subluxation.

 Intervention and Outcomes: A sustained-contact type chiropractic adjustment was applied to the site of vertebral subluxation in the patient’s upper neck. In real-time, SpO2 levels improved to normal as measured by pulse oximetry.

Conclusion: Findings from this case contributes to the evidence regarding chiropractic care for newborns with inadequate SpO2 levels. Further research is warranted on this subject matter.

Key Words: chiropractic, subluxation, pulse oximetry, adjustment, pediatric chiropractic, pediatric adjustment, atlas, midwifery, home birth, autonomic nerve system, sympathetic tone

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