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Nikki Hirshowitz, DC, Curtis Fedorchuk, DC, & Darrien Drummond, DC 

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, Chiropractic ~ February 21, 2020 ~ Pages 1-6



Objective:  To report on the positive health outcomes following chiropractic care in a two month old infant diagnosed with Failure to Thrive (FTT) following birth trauma.

Clinical Features:  The infant presented with a host of symptoms following a traumatic birth involving C-section, forceps and vacuum extraction. The infant suffered from deformational plagiocephaly, an inability to gain weight, persistent vomiting, constipation, inability to sleep, irritability, decreased hearing, acid reflux, and apnea.  These were ongoing symptoms experienced by the child since birth for which medical intervention including Zantac failed to help.  Chiropractic examination revealed vertebral subluxations throughout the spine.

Intervention & Outcomes: Contact-specific, sustained-contact adjustments (Diversified and Logan Basic Technique) were applied to the sites of vertebral subluxations.  Adjustment of the cranial bones and alignment of the sutures were also performed.  Immediate improvement occurred after the first visit with complete resolution after 30 visits.  

Conclusions:  The findings from this case provides evidence and support of chiropractic care in infants who have been diagnosed as with failure to thrive.  Further research regarding the role of chiropractic in these cases is encouraged.

Key Words:  Failure to thrive (FTT), chiropractic, infants, vertebral subluxation, adjustment, manipulation, birth trauma

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