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Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ January 31, 2020 ~ Pages 1-10


List of Abstracts

  • Chiropractic care of professional hockey player suffering from multiple concussions: A case report
  • A chiropractic and dental perspective the three faces of forward head posture: Differential diagnosis is the key for optimal outcomes
  • Intervention in gall bladder dysfunction through chiropractic    adjustment and nutritional therapy: a case report
  • Intervention in tachycardia through chiropractic adjustment, sacro occipital technique’s chiropractic manipulative reflex technique: a case report
  • SOT cranial therapy for the treatment of pediatric torticollis: A chiropractic case report
  • Two sisters with plagiocephaly treated with one treated with a cranial band and the other with sacro occipital technique (SOT) cranial care: A comparative case report
  • Immediate changes to lumbosacral dural regions upon bilateral alternating pressure to the parietooccipital (asterion) cranial region: A dissection study
  • Hypertensive 80-year-old male treated with cranial therapy: A case report
  • Conservative chiropractic management of 13-month old patient with facial palsy: A case report

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