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Imogen Throp BSc (Chiro), Yvonne Shaw BSc (Chiro), & Alice Cade MHSc, DICCP, BSc Chiro, BSc

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, Chiropractic ~ January 16, 2020 ~ Pages 144-147



Objective: The purpose of this case study is to document improvements in motor and language development in a 15-month-old female over the course of eight months of chiropractic care. 

Clinical features: A 15-month-old female with hypotonia and developmental delay presented for chiropractic care. She displayed an inability to pull herself up to standing, walk unassisted or communicate appropriately for her age level. 

Intervention and outcome: After eight months of full spine chiropractic care using diversified analysis with Activator as a force application, the patient was able to pull herself up to standing, walk unassisted and had become more verbal using words appropriate for her developmental age. 

Conclusion: Improved outcomes in this 15-month-old could be associated with improvement in sensorimotor integration following the correction of vertebral subluxation during chiropractic care.

Keywords: chiropractic, complementary therapies, developmental delay, dystonia, pediatric, adjustment, spinal manipulation proprioception, central nervous system, sensorimotor integration, motor control

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