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Erin Marjerrison, DC & Joel Alcantara, DC

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, Chiropractic ~ August 5, 2019 ~ Pages 91-94



Objective: To describe the chiropractic care of a pregnant patient with a history of trauma.

Clinical Features: A 36-year old pregnant female presented at 33-weeks’ gestation with complaints of pain in her hips and lower back along with escalating pubic pain. The patient fell down 15-steps two weeks prior for which she was hospitalized as she started into premature labor and subsequently discharged to home. The patient also developed gestational diabetes preeclampsia during pregnancy.

Intervention and Outcome: The patient was cared for with Diversified Technique and Drop Table spinal adjusting in conjunction with the Webster Technique. Over approximately 4 weeks, the patient attended a total of 10 visits. With each subsequent visit, the patient experienced relief from her pain complaints and delivered a healthy baby.

Conclusion:  This case report provides an educational avenue and evidence on the successful chiropractic care of pregnant patient with a history of trauma requiring hospitalization. We encourage continued documentation of similar cases in the scientific literature.

Key Words: Pregnancy trauma, falls, vertebral subluxation, chiropractic, adjustment

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