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Phillip Ebrall BAppsSc (Chiropr), PhD, DC (Hon) & Yoshihiro Murakami BA, BCSc

Journal of Philosophy, Principles & Practice of Chiropractic ~ July 18, 2019 ~ Pages 1-11



Objective: To contribute to matters raised in debate proposing a division of conventional chiropractic. We examine these matters in the context of the history of the profession and contemporary debate.

Methods: Document analysis within the methods of historical narrative was applied to arguments identified in a contemporary debate to derive and then present evidence to inform the debate.

Results: Our analysis reveals reality distortion of chiropractic among scientists from the associated disciplines of biomechanics and rehabilitation therapies. We locate this distortion as sitting within the ‘European School’ of chiropractic. No evidence is found to support the proposition that chiropractic is ‘an unhappy family’ and headed for divorce and evidence refutes the proposition to divide Traditional chiropractic.

Conclusions: We conclude that the debate initiated by the European School of chiropractic is confused, presenting an allegorical allusion with no argument and no evidential support. It demonstrates a low level of scholarship and as such may have the intent of virtue-signaling where evidence-free opinion may be expressed without the responsibility of justification.

Keywords: chiropractic, manipulation, subluxation, adjustment, scientific debate, tone, conservative, traditional health care

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