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Michelle Parker, DC

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, Chiropractic ~ June 20, 2019 ~ Pages 71-77



Objective: This case report chronicles the resolution following chiropractic care of breastfeeding difficulties in a newborn baby with the inability to latch on to mother’s breast, excessively recessed jaw, and plagiocephaly.

Clinical Features: A 4-day-old newborn male was brought into the clinic by his mother presenting with an inability to latch on to the mother’s breast, even with the assistance of a nipple shield. The infant had an attached frenulum indicating a tongue-tie, limited cervical range of motion, vertebral subluxations, excessively recessed jaw, inability to open wide, and cranial asymmetry.

Interventions and Outcomes: Chiropractic adjustments were performed with digital sustained contact to address vertebral subluxations of the spine in addition to Craniosacral Therapy to address the cranial asymmetry.

Conclusion: This case report shows the effectiveness and value of chiropractic care for infants with breastfeeding difficulties. The resolution of these challenges suggests there is a possible connection between upper cervical vertebral subluxation and cranial dysfunction contributing to these health challenges. More research is needed to further assess the outcome of chiropractic intervention in patients with similar presentations.

Key words: plagiocephaly, chiropractic, cranial asymmetry, vertebral segmental dysfunction, pediatric, adjustment, birth trauma, tongue-tie, breastfeeding difficulties, craniosacral therapy, spinal manipulation, vertebral subluxation, latching

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