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Whitley Jagnanan Urban, DC & Joel Alcantara, DC 

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, Chiropractic ~ June 6, 2019 ~ Pages 55-58



Objective: To describe the chiropractic care of a pregnant patient presenting with low back pain and placenta previa.

Clinical Features: A 24-year-old woman in her 12th week of gestation presented for chiropractic evaluation with the complaint of low back pain concomitant with placenta previa. Vertebral subluxations in the cervical, lumbar and sacroiliac regions were identified upon examination.

Intervention and Outcomes: Diversified and Webster technique were utilized to address vertebral subluxations over a four-week period. After one week, the lower back pain had decreased significantly. By the end of the fourth week, she reported complete resolution of both lower back pain and placenta previa, which was confirmed by ultrasound.

Conclusions: Chiropractic care may be effective and beneficial for pregnant women with low back pain and placenta previa. More research is warranted on this topic.

Keywords: placenta previa, vertebral subluxation, adjustment, pregnancy, low back pain, Diversified technique, Webster technique

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