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Michael W. Shreeve DC, L.C.P, D.Ph.C.S. & Ariel R. Troxel DC, M.Ed.

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, Chiropractic ~ December 3, 2018 ~ Pages 150-154




Objective: To evaluate current research on chiropractic in the management of children with a diagnosis of autism.

Methods: The search included PubMed, Cochrane and Google Scholar with key word search ‘Chiropractic’ + ‘Autism’. Additionally, the references of those published materials were reviewed.

Results: Eleven studies related to the treatment and outcomes of children with autism undergoing chiropractic were retrieved.

Conclusion: Research has shown that there appears to be a relationship between chiropractic neurological intervention and positive outcomes with improved behavior in individuals with autism. Further research is necessary to explore the role of chiropractic in the management of children with autism.

Key Words: Autism, chiropractic, adjustment, subluxation, upper-cervical, pediatric

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