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Pamela Stone-McCoy DC, CACCP & Shannon O’Brien DC

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, Chiropractic ~ August 13, 2018 ~ Pages 90-98



Background: Chiropractic care is reported to be the most common complementary and alternative (CAM) intervention for children, with wellness care cited as the most common reason for chiropractic visits. There are limited studies on patients that have been under long-term chiropractic care – especially since birth. The purpose of this retrospective case series is to report on the benefits of wellness based chiropractic care for pediatric patients.

Methods: A structured health questionnaire was generated, each family was interviewed and detailed notes were taken as it pertains to general information about the child, the related pregnancy, birth of the child and health challenges during infancy and childhood.

Results: All five children participating in the study were under chiropractic care to manage vertebral subluxations since birth and all mothers were under care prenatally. The age range of three males and two females was 9-13 years. All mothers were under chiropractic care while pregnant and all mothers reported feeling better during their pregnancy with a decrease in symptoms such as low back pain, extremity numbness, and generalized soreness. Four of the children were born vaginally with no complications and one was delivered via an obstetrician recommend cesarean section due to an anticipated larger than normal baby. All children were either fully or partially vaccinated and all were breastfed. All of the children experienced healthy childhoods without suffering from typical childhood illnesses. All reported to have a healthy diet, exercised regularly and slept well. All parents reported their child’s health to be better than other children of the same age.

Conclusion: Parents in this study reported that their children experienced a higher level of health and quality of life than other children of the same age. These data show the need for continued studies into the health outcomes following long term chiropractic management before, during and after birth.

Key Words: Chiropractic care, pediatrics, wellness, vertebral subluxation, quality of life

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