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Marie Hoying, DC & Carolina Bulla, DC

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ June 28, 2018 ~ Pages 121-129



Objective: To demonstrate the progressive functional changes in autonomic nervous function and long-term cervical curve correction by the Pierce Results System (PRS) without the use of traction or exercise.

Clinical Features: A 26-year-old male presented with complaints of rib pain and low back pain that came on and off for the past year. On initial examination, patient exhibited an anterior head translation of 35.10 mm. An atlas angle of 1.9 degrees and negative Whitehorn’s angle of 16.3 degrees. The patient showed an upper cervical kyphosis, subluxation and dysautonomia.

Intervention and outcomes: Chiropractic care was administered for a total of 10 months over 17 visits and included thermal scanning, plain film radiographs, video-fluoroscopy and toggle set, instrument and pressure adjusting according to PRS protocol. The patient demonstrated a significant improvement in his cervical curve and thermography scans upon his first post-examination at one month and second post-examination at 10 months of care.

Conclusion: After undergoing Pierce chiropractic care the patient demonstrated long-term curve correction as well as improvement in his autonomic nervous system. Further research is necessary to understand the long-term effects of PRS on the cervical spine and to determine appropriate frequency of chiropractic visits to maintain initial correction.

Key words: Subluxation, Pierce Results System, Cervical Correction, Chiropractic, Adjustment, Cervical Kyphosis, Dysautonomia, Thermography

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