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Dean Fuller, D.C. & Brian Douts, D.C.

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ March 19, 2018 ~ pages 57-67



Objective: The purpose of this case study is to report on improvement of hypothyroidism in a 50-year-old male patient who decreased his need for synthetic thyroid hormone following chiropractic care.

Clinical Features: A 49-year-old man presented to a private practice for chiropractic care due to neck, back, and shoulder pain. Three years previously, he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and prescribed Synthroid®.

Interventions and Outcomes: Subluxations-based chiropractic care was delivered using Diversified and Torque Release Techniques™. There were no changes in his lifestyle, diet, or exercise levels. Blood tests revealed his TSH blood levels remained in the normal range and his need for synthetic thyroid hormone decreased. His cervical curve additionally improved.

Conclusion: This paper appears to be the fourth to link the decreased need for synthetic thyroid medication while under chiropractic care. Further study is warranted due to the side effects, drug interactions, and costs associated with the use of synthetic thyroid medications.

Key Words: Chiropractic, vertebral subluxation, Torque Release Technique, Diversified technique, adjustment, cervical curve, hypothyroidism, Synthroid.

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