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Chaz Ebert, DC & Pete Brettingen, DC

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, Chiropractic ~ March 12, 2018 ~ Pages 1-6



Objective: To describe the results following chiropractic for a female who experienced difficulty conceiving a child, and to provide a current review of the literature on infertility and chiropractic.

Clinical Features: A 29-year-old female presented to a chiropractic clinic with a 3-year history of infertility. She had not been to a chiropractor previously, had failed attempts with intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization and had been taking estrogen modulators for a 5-month span.

Interventions and Outcomes: Vertebral subluxations were found at different segments in the spine according to the Torque Release Technique. Adjustments were made using a hand held adjusting instrument (Integrator) at sites of vertebral subluxations. After 16 weeks of care, she reported being pregnant. 

Conclusion: Chiropractic adjustments to vertebral subluxations were shown to be beneficial for a woman struggling with conceiving a child. More research is required in this area to explore links between infertility and vertebral subluxation.  

Keywords: Chiropractic, infertility, subluxation, adjustment, Torque Release Technique, TRT, pregnancy, fertility


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