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Miqdad Rashid B Chiro, Sias Heyns B Chiro, Murray Findlay BA, BSc, MChiro, Cert TT & David Russell BSc (Psych), BSc (Chiro), Cert TT

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic ~ Volume 2017 ~ Issue 4 ~ Pages 178-184



Objectives: To describe a reduction in placental insufficiency and normalized fetal growth rate in a pregnant patient following chiropractic care for vertebral subluxation.

Clinical Features: 
 A 29-year-old female, who was 32 weeks pregnant presented for chiropractic care with previously diagnosed placental insufficiency and fetal growth restriction.

Interventions and Outcomes: 
Chiropractic care over three weeks, using Thompson Terminal Point Technique (TTPT) in combination with Diversified manual adjustments, was provided for the management of vertebral subluxation. Immediately following the initial visit there were improvements in placental resistance, with normalized FGR evident on Doppler ultrasound at 36 weeks’ gestation.

Conclusions: A course of chiropractic care, using TTPT for the management of vertebral subluxation, was concomitant with normalization of FGR after diagnosed placental insufficiency. More research is needed to investigate the role chiropractors may play in helping similar patients so as to inform clinical practice and future higher-level research designs.

Key words: Chiropractic, pregnancy, placental insufficiency, fetal growth restriction, fetal growth rate, vertebral subluxation, adjustment, Thompson Technique, Diversified Technique

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