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Elizabeth Smolick-Reese, DC & Jason Balthaser, DC

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic ~ Volume 2017 ~ Issue 4 ~ Pages 169-177



Objective: To report on the positive health outcomes of a toddler with Lissenencephaly and seizures undergoing chiropractic care.

Clinical Features: A two-year-old female patient presented with a chief complaint of daily seizures stemming from lissencephaly. Positive pediatric orthopedic and neurological findings were noted along with subluxations.

Intervention and Outcome: Vertebral subluxations were located and reduced using a combination of Logan Basic, Diversified Full Spine, and Cranial-Sacral Chiropractic Techniques. The toddler’s seizures reduced along with improved motor control and coordination following chiropractic care.

Two months of chiropractic care assisted in the reduction of seizures, improved motor control and coordination in a two-year-old patient with a diagnosis of lissencephaly. Further research is encouraged to evaluate the effectiveness of chiropractic care in the management of patients with seizure disorders.

Key Words: Chiropractic, Pediatric Seizure Disorders, lissencephaly, Developmental Milestones, Diversified Technique, Logan Basic Technique, Cranial-Sacral Technique, Vertebral subluxation, Adjustment, Spinal manipulation

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