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Resolution of Otitis Media in a Nine Month Old Undergoing Chiropractic Care: A Case Study and Selective Review of the Literature


Pamela Stone-McCoy, B.S., D.C., CACCP Bio, Alissa Boutilier, B.A., D.C.Bio, Paige Black, D.C.Bio  

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic ~ Volume 2010 ~ Issue 3 ~ Pages 99 -106




Objective: To describe the chiropractic care of a pediatric patient with otitis media and vertebral subluxations.


Clinical Features:  A nine-month-old boy, with a history of recurring ear infections, was presented by his mother for chiropractic evaluation and possible care.  The mother reported that antibiotic therapy was unsuccessful.  Myringotomy and insertion of tympanostomy ventilating tubes were recommended by the patient’s ear nose and throat doctor (ENT).


Interventions and Outcomes:  Care was initiated during an episode of otitis media.  The patient was most commonly cared for using the Webster toggle headpiece and the Activator instrument.  Cranial adjusting and sinus work was also utilized when necessary.  Paraspinal thermal scans were performed to assess asymmetries due to vertebral subluxations. Both ears were reported clear within a week of initiating chiropractic adjustments and no ear infections have been reported since.


Conclusion: Chiropractic care in this case resulted in a reduction of the symptoms associated with otitis media and eliminated the need for myringotomy, tympanostomy tubes and antibiotics.


Key Words: Otitis media, chiropractic, subluxation, pediatrics, adjustment, spinal manipulation, thermography, Activator; ear infections, myringotomy, tympanostomy tubes

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