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Resolution of Childhood Nocturnal Enuresis Following Subluxation-Based Chiropractic Care:  A Retrospective Case Report


Adam Rodnick, D.C. Bio & Paul Rodnick, D.C. Bio


Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic ~ Volume 2010 ~ Issue 4 ~ Pages 159 -162




Objective: Case study of resolution of nocturnal enuresis following the introduction of subluxation based chiropractic care in a pediatric patient.


Clinical Features: An 11-year-old boy with a history of nocturnal enuresis and attention problems was determined to have subluxations noted during chiropractic examination.


Interventions and Outcomes: Contact-specific, high velocity, low-amplitude adjustments (Gonstead technique), as well as Activator instrument adjustments, were applied at sites of vertebral subluxations at the C2, C6, T1, T5, T12, L3, L5 and pelvic segments.  The patient and mother reported a significant decrease in episodes of bedwetting and an improvement in his attention problems.


Conclusion: The chiropractic care of a patient presenting with nocturnal enuresis and attention problems is presented.  There was significant decrease in episodes of bedwetting and a marked increase in attentiveness.   This is one of few studies regarding chiropractic care and its effect on childhood bed wetting.  More studies need to be performed in order to further explore chiropractic’s role in the management of enuresis.


Key Words: Chiropractic, pediatric, enuresis, ADHD, bedwetting, vertebral subluxation

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