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The Effect of the Purity Health Pillow™ on Subjects Experiencing Chronic Benign Cervical Pain: A Pilot Study

Gary Burns, D.C.


Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume 3 ~ Number 2 ~ Pages 1-4



There is a necessity to prepare patients to best receive a chiropractic adjustment for reduction of vertebral subluxation in the presence of chronic discomfort. The present pilot study was undertaken to evaluate one aspect of reducing the physical discomfort of cervical pain known to prolong the waiting period prior to commencing active chiropractic adjustments.Thus, this investigation was conducted to investigate the effects of the Purity Health Pillow™ in a sample of subjects experiencing chronic benign cervical pain. A group of 10 subjects using the Pillow over a 10 day study period was compared to a control group using a commercial Walgreen brand 9 inch by 12 inch “travel” pillow.  Both groups were evaluated regarding pain reduction using the Borg Pain Scale. Results revealed that Purity Pillow group experienced statistical improvement (p<0.05) in pain reduction in comparison to the control group. Moreover, the Purity Pillow group also exhibited a large clinical effect as compared to a moderate clinical effect in the control group, using the “travel” pillow. Prior to the 10 day study period, both groups were compared. There were no differences between the groups in regard to pain perception, age, or gender. While the results of the present pilot study are of interest, caution is required due to the small number of subjects involved. However, within the limitations associated with a pilot study, it was concluded that future study is justified to ascertain if the observed improvements associated with the Purity Pillow are valid.


Key words: Pain, pain reduction, Borg pain scale, cervical pillow, vertebral subluxation, chiropractic adjustment.

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