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Surface Electromyography in the Assessment of Changes in Paraspinal Muscle Activity Associated with Vertebral Subluxation:  A Review


Christopher Kent, D.C.


Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume 1 ~ Number 3 ~ Pages 1-8



Electromyography is the technique of recording electrical potentials associated with muscular activity. Needle electrodes may be inserted in the muscle being monitored, or surface electrodes may be placed on the skin overlying the muscles being studied. Both techniques have been used for the examination of paraspinal and peripheral muscle function. However, surface EMG and needle EMG are not interchangeable procedures. This paper reviews the principles of static and dynamic surface electromyographic techniques. Issues of reliability and validity are addressed. The clinical application of SEMG procedures for the assessment of changes in paraspinal myoelectric activity associated with vertebral subluxation are described.

Key Words: Surface electromyography, needle electromyography, vertebral subluxation, paraspinal muscle activity

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