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Structural Changes in the Cervical Spine Following Spinal Adjustments in a Patient with Os Odontoideum:  A Case Report


Graham J. Dobson, D.C. 


Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume 1 ~ Number 1 ~ Pages 1-12



A five year old caucasian male presented for chiropractic care in June, 1989. Initial examination disclosed a ventrally flexed cervico-thoracic posture and restricted respiration. Radiographic examination revealed an os odontoideum with accompanying ventro-flexion of the atlas relative to occiput and axis, as well as anterior displacement of the atlas relative to the axis. Over a period of three years, while under care of the author, a specific conservative chiropractic adjustment regimen for the correction of vertebral subluxation was administered to the patient. During that period, the patient exhibited a substantial change in head and shoulder carriage. Pre and post adjustment radiographs revealed the formation of a cervical lordotic curve and realignment of the atlas relative to the occiput and the axis. The patient has remained under care, to date, for the correction of vertebral subluxation.


Key Words: Chiropractic, Spinal Adjustment,Vertebral Subluxation, Os Odontoideum

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