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Sacral Subluxation Correction in an Asymptomatic 12-Year-Old Girl using the Pierce Results System


Anthony DeMaria, DC Bio & Nate Berner, DC Bio



Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic ~ Volume 2013 ~ Issue 4 ~ Pages 72-77 



Objective: A case report showing the use of the Pierce Results System resulting in sacral subluxation correction after three visits.


Clinical Features:  An asymptomatic 12-year-old girl was assessed for the presence of vertebral subluxation complex with the use of infrared thermography, radiography, and videofluoroscopy.  These assessments revealed variations from normal limits indicating the presence of vertebral subluxation.  The AP lumbosacral radiograph showed sacral displacement of 20 mm. 


Intervention and Outcomes:  Following the protocols outlined by the Pierce Results System for vertebral subluxation correction, the patient received infrared thermal scans on each visit to monitor progress.  Chiropractic care was administered to the patient over the course of the first three visits.  At that time it was determined that a significant improvement on thermography was made in order to determine a post-radiographic assessment.  The assessment revealed the sacrum to be displaced by only 3mm a correction of 85% over the course of three visits. 


Conclusion:  An asymptomatic 12-year-old girl was assessed for the presence of vertebral subluxation.  After undergoing chiropractic care under the Pierce Results System the patient had a dramatic reduction of vertebral subluxation demonstrated by changes on thermography and radiography.  Further research is necessary to understand Pierce Results System effects on asymptomatic vertebral subluxation correction resulting in structural changes.


Key Words: Pierce Results System, vertebral subluxation, chiropractic, sacral subluxation, pattern analysis, videofluoroscopy, thermography

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