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Resolution of Neck Pain and Headaches in a 13 year old Female with Dandy Walker Syndrome & Vertebral Subluxations

Stephen Maroon DC BioRod Floyd DC Bio, Christopher Varnum DC BioJoel Alcantara, DC Bio


Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic ~ Volume 2014 ~ Issue 2 ~ Pages 30-36 



Objective: To report on the successful care of an infant suffering from Dandy Walker Syndrome, headaches, neck pain and vertebral subluxations.


Clinical Features: A 13-year-old Caucasian female presented to a chiropractic clinic with unspecified unilateral right-sided headaches, neck pain, and low back discomfort.  The patient was medically diagnosed with Dandy Walker Syndrome since birth with a cerebral shunt running from her right fourth ventricle to the left atrium of her heart.  A stroke at age 9 caused the patient to have right-sided hemiplegia and she had been experiencing neck pain and headaches of 6 months duration. The patient was on multiple medications (i.e., Lyrica, Keppra, Naproxen, Adderall and Zyrtek) taken daily.


Intervention and Outcome: The patient was managed with a combination of Diversified and Thompson Technique chiropractic adjustments with adjunctive therapies. The patient’s presenting symptoms improved based on subjective reports and the use of the Bournemouth Neck Disability Index and Headache Disability Index questionnaires.


Conclusion: This study adds to the evidence on the salutary effects of chiropractic care in children with headaches, neck pain and concomitant symptoms associated with Dandy Walker Syndrome. 


Key Terms: chiropractic, vertebral subluxation, pediatric, neck pain, headaches, Dandy Walker Syndrome

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