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Resolution of Breech Presentation Confirmed by Ultrasound Following Webster Technique: A Case Study & Review of Literature

Jason Cherry DC & Natalie Wilson, DC

Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic ~ Volume 2016 ~ Issue 4 ~ Pages 104-117 




Objective: The purpose of this paper is to present the chiropractic management and care of a 27-year-old pregnant female with vertebral subluxation complex and breech fetal presentation. 

Clinical Features: The patient presented to the private practice with complaints of pelvic alignment problems. A thorough history and examination was performed including thermography, postural analysis, range of motion, and palpation using the Webster’s technique. Pain, discomfort, abnormal posture and loss of range of motion in the lumbosacral region were found throughout the examination. The patient was diagnosed with vertebral subluxation complex of the sacral region.

Intervention and Outcomes: Utilizing the Webster’s technique to adjust the patient’s sacrum, Logan technique and pressure applied to the round ligament the patient noticed a change in the baby’s position after the first adjustment. The patient was adjusted manually once and the fetal position was confirmed to have turned from a breech fetal position to a vertex fetal position by ultrasound after one week of care.

Conclusion: This case demonstrated safe, quick and effective chiropractic care for a pregnant female with abnormal fetal position. Utilizing Webster’s technique to adjust vertebral subluxations allowed the patient to have a normal vaginal birth without medical intervention such as cesarean section or external cephalic version.

Key words: Chiropractic, Vertebral subluxation, Adjustment, Webster technique, Pregnancy, Breech

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