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Pattern Analysis of Paraspinal Temperatures:  A Descriptive Report

John Hart, D.C., and William R. Boone, Ph.D., D.C.


Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume 3 ~ Number 4 ~ Pages 1-8



A thorough analysis of vertebral subluxation requires assessment of its minimum four components; bony alignment, foraminal encroachment, nerve pressure, and interference of information flow via the nervous system. A method of determining patterns within paraspinal skin temperature readings is described as one means of evaluating the neurological interference component of vertebral subluxation. The method is described from the standpoint of its ease of use, and its potential to provide quantifiable data that can be further evaluated for inter- and intra-examiner reliability. The report emphasizes why pattern analysis of paraspinal temperature differentials has application in chiropractic patient evaluation on a visit to visit basis, as well as assessing the efficacy of the chiropractic care administered for the correction of the nerve interference component of the vertebral subluxation.

Key Words:   Pattern analysis, thermography, vertebral subluxation, paraspinal skin temperature, chiropractic.

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