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Normative Data for Paraspinal Surface Electromyographic Scanning Using a 25-500 Hz Bandpass


Patrick Gentempo Jr., D.C., Christopher Kent, D.C, Brett Hightower, D.C., Salvatore J. Minicozzi, D.C. 


Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume 1 ~ Number 1 ~ Pages 1-4



A protocol has been previously described for recording surface paraspinal electromyographic (SEMG) potentials at fifteen paired sites (4 cervical, 7 thoracic, 3 lumbar, 1 sacral) using a bandpass (range of sampled frequencies) of 100 – 200 Hz. In this paper, normative data from eighty human subjects are presented using this protocol and a 25 – 500 Hz bandpass.The advantages of a 25 – 500 Hz bandpass are discussed.
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