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Muscular Strength and Chiropractic:Theoretical Mechanisms and Health Implications

Dean L. Smith, D.C.,M.Sc. and Ronald H. Cox, Ph.D.


Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume 3 ~ Number 4 ~ Pages 1-13



To date, a number of studies have investigated the relationships between chiropractic care and muscular strength. Chiropractic practice philosophy states that correction of vertebral subluxation promotes health through enhancing neurological integrity. Accordingly, chiropractic adjustments aimed at reducing vertebral subluxation should also reduce neurological interference at the involved levels. A reduction of interference to the nervous system would thereby allow muscles to more fully express their functional potential, including an improvement in strength. In the present study, a focused discussion is presented relating vertebral subluxation to muscular strength. Consideration is also given to cardiovascular regulation as a result of improving neuromuscular function.This is followed by an overview of the principal factors affecting muscular strength. Finally, the relevant chiropractic literature pertaining to strength, with potential mechanisms of action, is discussed. A paradigm shift from a disease treatment model to a health enhancement model of chiropractic is afforded by presenting these concepts and conclusions in the current presentation.

Key words:  Vertebral subluxation, muscle strength, chiropractic, health model.

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