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Memorial Dr. Donald B. Mears, Jr. 1931-2001

Dr. Donald B. Mears, Jr.   1931-2001

Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume 4 ~ Number 1 ~ October 2000


Chiropractic pioneer, technique developer, author, pilot, military hero and inventor, Dr. Donald B. Mears Jr., passed away on January 5th 2001 at his home in Enfield Connecticut. He was the son of Dr. Donald B. Mears Sr., who developed the upper cervical technique known as the Mears Technique, and grandson of Dr. Bessie Sherman, a 1927 graduate of Palmer. Dr. Mears Jr. had carried on his father’s work by helping his father to write and publish a book on the Mears method and teaching the technique whenever asked.

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