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Lovett Brothers: The Relationship Between The Cervical And Lumbar Vertebra

Charles L. Blum, D.C.

Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ April 12, 2004 ~ Pages 1-3



Introduction: For years, chiropractors have used the term “Lovett Brothers” to describe the relationship between specific vertebra in the lumbar and cervical spine.


Purpose: This paper seeks to investigate the rational behind this “Lovett Brother” relationship and present possible theories for its existence. These theories vary from fascial and myological interrelationships, referred pain patterns, and facilitating tonic neck reflexes involving intersegmental spinal pathways.


Discussion: While there have been no definitive studies evaluating the use of “Lovett Brothers” as a diagnostic and treatment modality there have been some reported case studies which support its use.


Conclusion: Future research is necessary to further understand this phenomenon that is already readily accepted in the chiropractic profession.


Key WordsChiropractic, Sacro Occipital Technique, Lovett Brother, Applied Kinesiology, Upper Cervical, Subluxation

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