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Letters and responses from Dr. Antony C.H. Hammer, Dr. Ari Cohn, Dr. Charles Blum, Dr. James L. Chestnut, and Dr. Mark Foullong

Antony C.H. Hammer, M.D., Ari Cohn, D.C., Charles L. Blum, D.C., F.I.C.S., James L. Chestnut, D.C., Mark Foullong, D.C.


Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume 4 ~ Number 4 ~ Pages 83-89


Dr. Antony C.H. Hammer

Dr. Cohn’s contribution (A Review of the Literature Regarding Stroke And Chiropractic, J.V.S.R., 4(3), 2001) is most timely. He points out that the recent literature would appear to support the prevalence of CVAs in chiropractic as being somewhere between 1 in 1 million and 1 in 2 million and this may eventually indeed be shown to be the case….


Dr. Ari Cohn

Dr. Hammer’s response to the article that was published in JVSR “A Review of the Literature Regarding Stroke and Chiropractic” was commendable. Many Medical Doctors would probably not have had the interest to read a chiropractic journal, no less respond to one. Unfortunately, I believe that Dr. Hammer has misunderstood some of the points I made in the review….


Dr. Charles Blum

As usual, you make a great point regarding the issue of perspective and chiropractic’s relative place in the risk of receiving health care1 in your review of the article by Cohn entitled, A Review of the Literature Regarding Stroke and Chiropractic. Having returned from the RAC in Kansas where I saw you and many others it became clear from a lecture by Dr. Rosner of FCER that chiropractic’s place in the realm of risk is bizarrely low….


Dr. James L. Chestnut

I would like to comment on the issue of stroke, the recent stroke study, and the responses of many of the chiropractic organizations throughout North America. Disappointingly the study itself represents an enormous red herring and, unfortunately, many of the responses indicate that we have taken the bait. The stroke study is biased pseudoscience. Not because it is negative against chiropractic but because it has a flawed design and a biased hypothesis. Let me explain….


Dr. Mark Foullong

More and more the media is playing up the risk of adverse outcomes following or directly related to health care and health procedures. Nowhere is this more true than the recent exposé of the College of Physicians and surgeons of Ontario, a governing body for Medical Doctors mandated to regulate the practice of medicine in the public’s best interest. On the contrary, it has been overwhelmingly shown that this organization represents an ‘Old Boy’s Club’ working in the best interest of the M.D. with the vast majority of complaints brushed off or dismissed with no action or even follow-up….

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